Saturday, August 24, 2013

Girlfriend Material - Melissa Kantor

"It's a long story."
"Cool, maybe you'll write it someday."
"You know, maybe I will."

Summary: Kate is being dragged from the summer she has planned at home in Salt Lake City to go spend the summer on Cape Cod with her mom and some old friends.

This book was a little iffy for me. I started off kind of liking it then I didn't like it and now I kind of do like it. It definitely wasn't anything special. The writing seemed a little weak in some spots and I really didn't particularly like Kate or Adam, her romantic interest. I did like that she was from Utah and that they talked about skiing at Deer Valley in Park City because that's where I lived and worked for the last two and a half years. I liked that Kate had so many interests (writing, reading, and playing tennis) but I didn't feel like I got a sense of who she was. Something felt off that I can't place. While Adam was cute and they shared some cute moments, I have found that I don't approve of their relationship. The ending between them was cute though. Another major event for this book is between Kate's parents. They're going through a rough patch (that's why her mom dragged her away for the summer) and we're left hanging as to whether or not they're going to stay together or get a divorce. Kate also didn't talk to her best friend for the majority of the book and while I assume they're going to patch up their friendship, we're still kind of left hanging. Overall, this book seems a little unfinished for me and was a bit disappointing.

Rating: 5/10


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