Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Longest Ride - MOVIE REVIEW!

I know The Longest Ride came out in April but I've been wanting to write a review for awhile and now I finally have! Check it out :)

I saw The Longest Ride twice when it came out and I had two different experiences with it.

The first time I saw it, I liked it enough but I didn't find it even on par with other Nicholas Sparks movies (A Walk to Remember and Dear John to be more exact). I didn't like Scott Eastwood or Britt Robertson and I thought they were awkward and had no chemistry.

I absolutely looooved the storyline of Ira and Ruth!!! OMG SO GOOD. I honestly wanted the whole movie to just be about them! I loved the old timey age and Ruth was just the cutest thing ever! And Jack Huston as Ira...amazing. I've never seen him in anything but wow, new fan! And Alan Alda as old Ira was just too good! I can't believe I liked the old/adult storyline more then Britt and Scott!

The second time I saw The Longest Ride, I still found myself enjoying Ruth and Ira's storyline the most but I also was able to actually get invested in Britt and Scott and found that they were actually good in this movie! They weren't awkward this time around and I found they had chemistry this time. Scott is sooo cute! Especially the crow's feet around his eyes when he smiles! And I was so glad I liked Britt the second time around because she's actually one of my favorite actresses and I hated that I didn't like her the first time. This second time around let me actually get invested in the movie as a whole and I was able to see that it all worked together quite well!

I have the book of course, but unfortunately I am soooo behind in reading Nicholas Sparks books that I haven't read this one yet. I remember I tried starting it and couldn't get into it so I hope I like it! I've found that if I on't read a book of his first and just see the movie then I absolutely love the movie but if I've read the book then I usually don't like the movie version as well. I am very picky when it comes to Nicholas Sparks!


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