Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Wow...another year down...I can't believe my blog has been going for TWO years today! It's all flying by so fast. These last few months have been very difficult and stressful with trying to make living in Utah work again and just a lot of other things going on with work and life that I have no giveaway this time :/ I really wanted to but unfortunately other things have taken priority. I am trying to get back into reading as much as possible but working two jobs morning to night and trying to have a social life is making it tough. I also have the worst Internet connection in my employee housing still even though most everyone has moved out for the summer so that continues to be a struggle and I don't bother scheduling tweets anymore because of it. 

This is a short celebration but if you've continued to check out my posts every now and then, THANK YOU! I miss talking to all of you and hope to somehow find a way to get back on track!



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