Thursday, May 28, 2015

Snark & Circumstance/Charm & Consequence - Stephanie Wardrop

 Summary from Goodreads:

One superior smirk from Michael Endicott convinces sixteen-year-old Georgia Barrett that the Devil wears Polo. His family may have founded the postcard-perfect New England town they live in, but Georgia’s not impressed. Even if he is smart, good looking, and can return Georgia’s barbs as deftly as he returns serves on his family’s tennis courts. After all, if Michael actually thinks she refuses to participate in lab dissections just to mess with his grade, he’s a little too sure that he’s the center of the universe. Could there be more to Michael Endicott than smirks and sarcasm? If Georgia can cut the snark long enough, she just might find out.
Snark and Circumstance had me hooked from the very first sentence: "I’m not one to judge, but the new kid is a stuck-up asswaffle." I love every moment between Michael and Georgia! There were soooo many funny moments and the commentary by Georgia was HILARIOUS. I picture Michael to look like Thomas McDonell (picture below....HOT RIGHT). Here are some quotes I liked:

"It's Michael Endicott," says the Seat Freak, exactly the way I would imagine the Queen of England would respond if you called her "Lizzie."
"...Maybe I induced some kind of episode in him, and now he's home, frothing at the mouth..."
"Unless I do one on 'Pompous Snobholes descended from British Colonials.' Are you available for an interview?"
But sometimes galaxies collide. Hard.

Summary from Goodreads:

Sixteen-year-old Georgia Barrett is no expert on guys, but her bio-class partner is harder to dissect than anything in their lab tray. He’s smart, almost as sarcastic as she is, and cute in that preppie way. Things are great . . . until he decides her vegan activism is ridiculous and suddenly can’t refuse a date with her fast enough. So why does he show up at her door, interested in learning how to make tofu ricotta? And why does he seem so upset that a senior hottie has taken an interest in her? Could he be interested in Georgia after all?
You guys, I just love Michael so much! Honestly I can't think of a guy - in book character form or in real life, that I've liked that is actually SMART. Like I honestly don't pay too much attention to smarts because I usually look for humor and sarcasm but in Charm and Consequence, I found Michael to be soooo SEXY because of his smarts! I really don't even know what else to say except I need to get the rest of these short stories because I need to see what happens next!

"So they basically pledge their hymens to their fathers?"
"Oh! We've ruined the perfect snow!"   "Can't be helped."


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