Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sweet 16 Series - Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

I was in a reading slump awhile back and needed something to fix that. While I was going through my books, I found my copies of Mary-Kate & Ashley's Sweet 16 series. At about 128 pages per book, these were perfect to get me back into reading! I unfortunately only have the first 14 books (there's 18), so I'm hoping to find the last four in a book store somewhere one day! This series takes place over the course of one year - starting with the planning of their big sweet 16 birthday bash.

I will not be reviewing these individually. I have decided to do star ratings except not with stars. These will be ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 using fun suns! From boys to fashion and everything in between, these books are perfect for kids or anyone who wants a throwback to their childhood!

And whether, real or fake, Mary-Kate & Ashley prove to be the coolest girls out there and I'm forever envious of them!

Loved the planning of their birthday and all of the mistakes they made!

In book 3, they spent the summer working at a music event a la Warped Tour but it could've been done better. In book 4, the girls filmed their movie Getting There WHICH IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES of theirs but the book was just stupid.

In book 6, My Best Friend's Boyfriend, I couldn't get past how much Mary-Kate kept ditching her boyfriend. Not cool. But I did like that they were putting on Grease.

In book 7, Playing Games, I liked seeing Mary-Kate be a journalist for their school website since I was on my newspaper staff. Also in book 7-8, Ashley created a matchmaking site which seems so fun (although as an adult, it seems quite creepy).

In book 9, All That Glitters, Mary-Kate was such a little B getting caught up in the Hollywood scene!

In book 11, Little White Lies, Mary-Kate made such a big mess when she lied about having a boyfriend! In book 12, Dream Holiday, the girls are on a Christmas vacay in Colorado with their parents and a PRINCE is staying there. So of course Ashley tries to figure out who it is. I wish this really happened!

In book 13, Love and Kisses, Mary-Kate starts an awesome internship at Girlz Magazine which I have always wanted to do and of course she finds away to ruin all of her friends relationships. And Ashley tries to get a hot young singer to perform at the Valentine's Day dance.

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  1. OMG.

    I never read this series, but I was a huge fan of the New Adventures series and Two of a Kind series. I loved those books. Mary-Kate and Ashley forever! lol