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Around The World With... (January 2015)

Hey everyone! I created a new feature for Unraveling Books! I love to travel and want to go all over the world one day and I also love books! So, I decided to find a new way to incorporate the two and came up with "Around the World with..." Each month I am going to feature one of you lovely book bloggers and ask you some questions about books and traveling.  And if you want to participate, sign up HERE!!!

So without further ado, here is...


If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
Depends for how long! If it were just for a vacation, probably somewhere like Hawaii, where I could veg out on the beach and relax for a few days... (or weeks...) I went to Maui once, and it was amazing, so I'd probably go there again if I could. ORRRR, to MN to visit my BFF. Because she used to only be 1 state away and now she's farther and I miss her. :(

If I were traveling someplace to stay for a longer length of time, it'd have to be somewhere rainy where I could snuggle up by the fire at least semi-often. That's a staple in my life and I couldn't live anywhere without that! Sooo... London, Edinburgh, Seattle (wait, I live there... yes, I love it), places like that. ;)

If you were a city what city would you be?
Somewhere rainy and peaceful and laid-back... Probably a little town in the English countryside that nobody's ever heard of. ;)

Favorite place you’ve been to?
London! I studied in London over the summer of 2008 for an English Literature program with the University of Washington, and it was basically the best summer of my life. I loved it there! We got to explore London itself, and visited all the normal tourist-y places like Big Ben, Westminster, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Globe theatre, etc, etc... and we also got to go to Stratford-upon-Avon, where Shakespeare was born, which was amazing! We saw tons of Shakespeare plays, the highlight of which was David Tennant in Hamlet. <3

Favorite setting in a book? Least favorite?
Real favorite: In general, I love books set in London. Or anywhere in the UK. Or Europe, really... :P But I did recently read a book set in Melbourne, Australia, which I thought was awesome -- Ellie Marney's Every Breath. I'd never read a book set there before, and I think she did an amazing job of capturing the feel of the city, or at least the feel of it from the perspective of the main character.

Fictional favorite: Camorr, from The Lies of Locke Lamora. It's basically a cutthroat Venice with glowy magic lights and crystal towers and I love it to death. (But I'd never ever ever want to go there.)

Least favorite: I really don't dislike settings outright! They often just don't impact me, in which case I totally forget where the book took place at all... =S

Are you planning on traveling anywhere in 2015?
I'm going back to NYC for BEA! I'm so excited fro that. NYC is a super expensive place, but it's also SUPER fun and I really enjoyed my trip there last year, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Favorite book set in Europe? North America (East, West, North, South, Midwest - pick a book for each location in North America or just a couple that you like)? Other place?
Europe: Scarlet & Lady Thief by A.C. Gaughen (shhhh, don't tell me Nottinghamshire isn't a real place!). Also, The Name of the Star and The Madness Underneath, which are very location-oriented (London!)
North America: Ummmm... One thing this exercise is telling me? I don't read a lot of books that are set in North America and have a strong sense of "place". The ones I'm thinking of off the top of my head are: The Archived / The Unbound by Victoria Schwab, set in New York; Jim Butcher's Dresden Files which are set in Chicago (and which I really need to catch up on...) And... can I cheat a little? Because I love Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief. Percy and Co. basically road-trip all across North America: New York to LA, via St. Louis, Denver, and Las Vegas. XD

If you were taking a road trip, what would be some of your must see tourist stops?
Oh wow, ummm. I am bad at remembering good tourist stops. If I could choose one road-trip route, I'd probably just want to drive all down the west coast, from Seattle to LA or something like that. I feel like that would be pretty, with lots of ocean vistas and beaches and little seaside places to stop at. But if I had to road-trip and choose specific destinations, and I could go anywhere... I'd probably want to see the Grand Canyon, the California Redwoods, and... this is gonna sound weird but I would love to drive through somewhere that's SUPER flat, where you can see forever. I live in the PNW, where there are hills everywhere, so somewhere super flat sounds like a novel experience.

Favorite author? Where are they from?
Oh gosh. I'm gonna have to go with two - Brandon Sanderson, who is from Utah, and Victoria Schwab, who I believe is from Tennessee, but who is currently studying in Edinburgh (and I am SO JEALOUS).

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