Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Heist Society - Ally Carter

“It is an occupational hazard that anyone who has spent her life learning how to lie eventually becomes bad at telling the truth.”

Summary: Katarina Bishop comes from a family of thieves and was trying to leave the family business until she got pulled back in by Hale. Arturo Taccone has had his art collection stolen and it's up to Kat to get it all back and remove her fathers name from the suspect list!

Heist Society is my first ever audiobook listen and I have to say I really liked it!! I really feel like I'm even going through withdrawals without it haha! I take the bus to work each day and it gives me about an hour and a half to listen so it's perfect! It took me about seven chapters to get into the book and to get used to the narration. I think audiobooks are good for me only when it comes to books that I don't care enough about. The thing it seems about Ally Carter's books, is that it takes me that full seven chapters to finally start liking her stories. This series is a million times better then her Gallagher Girls books though! I thought Kat was a really cool MC and I love this whole world of stealing art. The big scenes where they were trying to get the painting back were so awesome! It felt like I was holding my breath the entire time! I think I guessed the thieve correctly at the end of the book but I'm not sure haha! So if you've read this book, let me know so I can discuss and see if I'm right! :) And I am so happy that my library has the second book on audiobook as well! I can't wait to pick it up this week!

Rating: 7.5/10


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