Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Lovin' 2013 Read-a-Thon (Day 3)

It's Day 3 of the Summer Lovin' Read-a-Thon! I am sad to say I haven't gotten much reading done. I started reading some more of The 5th Wave yesterday but just wasn't into it so I started Marked (House of Night Book 1) by P.C. and Kristin Cast. I really like it so far! I pretty much have work the rest of the week and am bummed that I most likely won't really get to participate in the 24hour Thon this weekend :( This post is very text heavy this time so let's get going!

Today's participation post is: Favorite Fictional Females. Who is my favorite and what makes her so awesome? Well, this was really hard for me and I still don't really have an answer. I don't think I really have a favorite female - I do have lots of favorite male characters though :) I did choose a female though and I chose Rose Hathaway from the Vampire Academy series.

I've only read the first two books so far and based off of those, I think Rose is awesome so far! I like how she fights back and stands up for herself when she can. I like how she isn't actually sleeping around with other guys even though people seem to think she does. She always has Lissa's back and they have a really good friendship. I like how she can banter and mess around with the guys, too! Her and Dimitri are so cute! Just in the first two books alone, she's already grown as a person. I especially liked seeing her go through a tragic event in the second book and seeing how she has been trying to handle herself. In regards to the movie, at first I was really upset that Zoey Deutch was playing Rose because I had recently seen Zoey in Switched at Birth and I wasn't a fan! I am more okay with the decision now but I am concerned a little that she won't portray Rose's strength as well in the movie. Zoey is a pretty small, kind of bubbly girl! But I'm excited to see how it plays out and hope they do Rose justice!

Moving onto today's challenge, the Page 99 Test. Pick a book you haven't read, turn to page 99, read that page, write a synopsis, then decide if you want to read the book based on that page.
The book:
Synopsis: Three characters - a male named Isaac and two (a male and a blonde female) unknowns are talking and munching on animal crackers. The topic of discussion is broken hearts and who broke the unknown male's heart. The blonde seems to have had her heart broken, too.
Based off of this page, I would definitely read the book! One it's about broken hearts and love. Two, I love the writing. And three, the unknown male who is telling the story seems pretty awesome! He seems really guarded and troubled which I love :)

Tell me, have you read this book? What did you think? Have you heard of it? Would you read it? Learn more HERE.


  1. Rose rocks. Yeah, I'm not sure how I feel about the actress chosen to play her either. I'm going to wait and see though -- hopefully I'll be really impressed.

  2. Rose is one of my favorite fictional female characters! She's being added to my list because I'm doing my top 4 favorite xD But Rose is definitely #1 :)

  3. Huh, I haven't heard much about this book! I need to check it out! It sounds really interesting!