Friday, July 19, 2013

Slated - Teri Terry

"If the past is unbearable, why choose to bear it?"
"Because it is mine."

Summary: Kyla has been Slated. Everything she ever was has been wiped clean. But something is different about Kyla and she is on a search to find out who she really is and what is really going on.

Kyla is different then all of the other Slateds. She is able to remember things that she shouldn't be remembering and she has nightmares that might actually be real things that happened to her. She is very artistic and she really likes to run because it keeps her emotions in check. She meets Ben in her group and she feels like she knows him already. They form a bond and then he does something stupid. This decision Ben made, made me so mad and I just kept saying "This is so stupid! Ben, you're so stupid!" Then there was kind of a shocker at the end and now I am dying to know everything that's going to happen next!

Rating: 6.5/10


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