Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nobody But Us - Kristin Halbrook

"I want to live."

Summary: Will and Zoe are on the run from the terrible lives they live in hopes of finding a life worth living.

This book made me feel lots of different emotions. On one hand I felt hopeful for Will and Zoe and anger for what they have had to go through. I really was rooting for them, especially Zoe. Then I felt angry with Zoe for doing stupid things like shoplifting. I felt shock and even more anger as I read the tragic ending. I was mad at what Will and Zoe chose to do along the way because it ultimately lead to a heartbreaking conclusion. I really didn't agree with how they went about going on the run and stealing and doing everything else they could to survive. I think there could've been a better way for them to handle the whole situation. What I really liked was the love they had for each other! It was beautiful to see these two people willing to do ANYTHING for the other one. I thought about this book off and on for a week straight after I read it! I've never read anything like it because I usually try to stick with happier story lines but I am very glad I finally read this book!

Rating: 8/10


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