Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Unraveling Isobel - Eileen Cook

Isobel: “My mom giggled and whacked Dick with a dish towel. I would have whacked him harder with the cutting board, but that was just my preference."

Summary: Isobel is forced to move to an island off of Seattle when her mom marries Richard, a guy she met on the internet three months ago. Sure they live in a mansion but that doesn't mean anything when Isobel is haunted by a ghost! But is it a ghost...or is Isobel losing her mind? Her dad does have schizophrenia after all. Part ghost story, part thriller and part romance, this book has something for everyone!

I really enjoyed this book! Isobel has a stepbrother, Nathaniel, who provides some really good comedic moments. I loved his and Isobel's interactions. I really hated her stepdad. What a jerk! And the ghost story kept me wondering til the very end. I was never able to figure out what was going on! There were definitely some twists! I was a little unhappy with the ending though, it felt a tad rushed. Other then that, everything was good!

Rating: 8/10


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