Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Penelope - Rebecca Harrington

Summary: This book is about Penelope O'Shaunessy and her first year at Harvard.

Let me begin by saying...THIS BOOK IS TERRIBLE. It's not funny at all and It's very awkward and weird. I made it to chapter 4 and then gave up. Agatha from Goodreads said: "It's just like she's describing what happened to her, without any reflections or self-actualization or something. I just want her to grow and maybe develop more because she didn't feel like a person to me." My favorite comment on Goodreads came from Oriana who said: "This is beyond sloppy writing, this is just not giving a flying f*** about how sloppy your writing is. Did this book even have an editor? I'm embarrassed for Vintage. I'm embarrassed for Rebecca Harrington. I'm embarrassed that I wasted 80 pages of my reading life on this f****** book." I totally agree!

Rating: 0/10


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