Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Girl Stays In The Picture - Melissa De La Cruz

"Timing is everything." 

Summary: Devon is the most famous singer/actress at the moment and Summer Garland, who has always been second place, isn't happy about that. The book follows them as they film a movie together in one of the hottest destinations - St. Tropez in the South of France.

I LOVED Girl Stays In The Picture! Any book where I can live vicariously through the rich and famous is great and this one was one of the best! And the fact that the location was set in France was a definite plus! The only downfall is that we were left with a MAJOR cliffhanger and unfortunately Cruz isn't going to write a sequel! If anyone decides to read the book and wants to know what happens, visit the following link: http://melissa-delacruz.com/index.php/info/faqs/.

Rating: 9/10


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