Thursday, May 30, 2013

Guitar Notes - Mary Amato
 "Maybe it explains the reason why one person likes another. It's because their souls both thrum at the same frequency."

Summary: Tripp Broody and Lyla Marks both use the same practice room during the school year. Tripp uses the room on odd days while Lyla uses it on even days. One day Tripp leaves his trash in the room and Lyla writes him a note. From there they start leaving each other notes - starting from snippy to something more.

I love Tripp! he was so snippy, especially with his mom. He has an extreme love for his guitar and his mom keeps that from him because he's failing in school, which is why he signs up for a practice room. Lyla and Tripp's friendship is really sweet. It's a secret that I think worked really well because they're both just trying to figure out what path to take in their lives and this way no one has a say. The book is about that "thrum" that you feel, whether it be with a person or an object and Tripp and Lyla "thrum" and make beautiful music together.

Rating: 8/10


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