Thursday, November 6, 2014

Life of a Blogger

Life of a Blogger is hosted by Novel Heartbeat where a subject is chosen and you talk about it. This is my first one of these and this week's topic is Concerts You Have Been To.

I looooooove going to concerts and have been to soooo many! Because that list is so long, I will attempt to list my favorites! I am also going to list the concerts I want to go to but haven't been able to because reasons.

1. Hilary Duff 
I've seen her twice and I cried both times. It was a dream come true getting to see her at two different stages of her life. I love her so much and she will always be my favorite singer!

2. High School Musical 
As soon as Start of Something New started playing and the smoke appeared, my knees buckled, I almost fainted and could not stop crying. High School Musical is literally my life.

3. Selena Gomez 
I was 6th row and she saw me and we sang to each other. And then when she was starting her final songs - Who Says and Magic - she had confetti and I literally felt like there was something magical in the air. I can't explain it. It was just amazing.

4. Gloriana 
My sister is a huge fan of this country group and we traveled by Amtrak up to Pasco, Washington on New Year's Eve a few years ago and got to watch them perform twice that night. Then we got to ride in car with them afterwards to drop them off at their hotel. I'm not a huge fan but it ended up being one of the most fun nights ever with my sister!

5. Allstar Weekend 
Just such a fun concert! Got to meet them and they were adorable. They are not a pop group anymore but are now The Tragic Thrills and Zach, the lead singer, is a douchebag. Still love them, though.

6. Vanessa Hudgens 
I LOVE THIS GIRL SO MUCH. She winked at me twice and smiled at me! I still hope to meet her one day. This was when she went solo.

7. Cody Simpson 
This is one of my least favorite concert experiences but also the best. I got to meet Cody and go to his soundcheck and he had a Q&A and answered one of my questions. One of his opening acts, Before You Exit, is also a group I love and I got to meet them again. We got 2nd row for the show, but I had no idea Cody was going to be so popular - like Justin Bieber status! People started shoving and it got so crazy that I couldn't breathe and had to be taken out. My sister and I ended up sitting up in the balcony which worked out great. His family and management team sat up there and his grandma noticed we were big fans and gave us some guitar picks!

8. Big Time Rush
This concert was AMAZINGGGG. I honestly was so bored by the idea of going for some reason but once I got there and saw that I was FRONT ROW, I was like OMGGGG. BTR was just AHFJKHAJGHEJKN. I got noticed by all of them and Carlos and Logan pointed at me while we sang to each other and I got to touch Kendall and Carlos' hands twice. This is the first concert where when I left, I literally felt like a piece of me was missing. Those boys mean so much to me and literally took a piece of my heart. Obsessed.

9. Jake Miller 
I went with my friend Jessica and it just ended up being a fun relaxed night. Got to meet Jake, too. I hung out with these 16 year old girls all day waiting for Jake. One of the girls had me pretend to be one of their moms so that they wouldn't get caught and get grounded for being in Downtown Portland all day by themselves.

10. Aly & AJ/Jonas Brothers 
Not a favorite but memorable because the Jonas Brothers came out and just blew me away as Aly & AJ's opening act and I was so impressed. Bummed that they became kind of jerk-ish and I miss the old them. No longer a fan. Still love Aly & AJ, though!

11. Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus/The Cheetah Girls 
I can't stand Miley now but Hannah Montana was such a huge show for my sister and I and we loved The Cheetah Girls as well. We got 4th row to the first concert we saw Miley in and I got called a Bitch BY SOME TEN YEAR OLD GIRL because I wouldn't sit down and the little kids couldn't see. It was hilarious. And then we saw Miley on the Meet Miley Cyrus tour where she had the Jonas Brother open for her, too. Love old Miley.


Concerts I want to go to:

ROSS LYNCH IS MY FAVORITE PERSON. HE HAS THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL AND I WANT TO MARRY HIM. (That's me and Ross! FYI he is Austin on the Disney Channel show Austin & Ally!))

Taylor Swift
My sister has gotten to see her live and I've never really cared to see her because I have such a love/hate relationship with her but I really need to see her now!

These guys aren't a priority anymore but it'd be nice to see them if the opportunity came up.

Hunter Hayes
Does this really need an explanation?

Hilary Duff
She's preparing to go on her first big tour since being back and I NEED TO SEE HER AGAIN.

Lucy Hale
How fun would it be to see ARIA MONTGOMERY (hello, Pretty Little Liars)?! I was so pleasantly surprised and happy with her album and her singing! It's very rare that I like country music.


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