Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Horror October 2014

YAY! It's finally October! This month I am going to participate in Horror October again! I didn't do that well last time but I think I've got some good ideas this time!

 If you want to participate, too, sign up HERE.

This month I will not be doing my Around The World With... feature or any reviews that are not of scary books. I do have a couple of Waiting On Wednesday posts, though. This month expect lists of my favorite episodes of Supernatural (team Sam FOREVER), urban legends, reviews of some of R.L. Stine's books, and more!

If you have anything fun going on for October, comment on here or any upcoming posts and let me know so I can check out what you're doing, too! :)


  1. Yay how exciting! Leanne is super busy this year so decided she can't quite manage a whole month of the event (I'm not even sure if she'll manage the fortnight, I'll probably be taking over slightly), but I think it's awesome that some participants are still going to celebrate it throughout the entire month! Woohoo!

    And I love what your little preview: Supernatural, R.L. Stine, urbane legends?! Seriously, how can you go wrong with any of that? I'm looking forward to your posts! I'll be sure to tweet them on our blog account when I see them :)

  2. This sounds really fun! This is my first year blogging so I'm not in the loop with any of the Halloween style memes out there. I will definitely have to check this out though! October is, hands down, my absolute favorite month of the year (:
    Morrighan @

    1. Hopefully you will participate! The hosts are great and it technically doesn't start until the 18th so you have time! Welcome to blogging!