Friday, May 16, 2014

Around The World With... (May 2014)

Hey everyone! I created a new feature for Unraveling Books! I love to travel and want to go all over the world one day and I also love books! So, I decided to find a new way to incorporate the two and came up with "Around the World with..." Each month I am going to feature one of you lovely book bloggers and ask you some questions about books and traveling.

So without further ado, here is...

Jess from Such a Novel Idea! I think I met Jess on Twitter during the Summer Lovin' RAT! We don't really talk that much but I love following her and her blog and you should, too! :)

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
Oh man, there are SO many places I want to visit. If I could travel anywhere, I’d definitely go to Europe… Some time in the UK (England, Scotland, Ireland), then head to Paris and the French countryside. I’d take some time in Spain and Greece. Definitely Italy. Also some of the less talked about destinations like Denmark and the Netherlands. Oh and Germany. I wouldn’t backpack, because I am 30 and that part of my life is over, but the trip that Ginny takes in 13 Little Blue Envelopes would definitely be a great place to start. (*Note: Jess also added Hawaii - which would be so fun!)

If you were a city what city would you be?
Something intelligent and not flashy. A little offbeat and quirky. I’d definitely think Portland. Also, my Buzzfeed quiz agrees. 

Favorite place you’ve been to?
My brain said Disneyworld when I read this question, but honestly Branson is what my heart says. My husband insisted we go on vacation there a few years ago, and now it is our go-to place. It has a lot of memories for our family, but it is also just beautiful. I love everything about it from the drive there (hello northern Arkansas and Missouri are beyond gorgeous!) to the mountains to Silver Dollar City. And I’ve never been to a show or most of the normal attractions, but I don’t mind missing on those things when there are so many awesome things to do and see. (*Picture to the right is Jess reading on the water in Branson)

Favorite setting in a book? Least favorite?
I love when books take place overseas, especially Europe. I feel like I am getting to experience that place, and I love when the setting is as important to the book as the characters. Of course, I love the English countryside in Harry Potter, but really this is my favorite book world, so I’d live there in a heartbeat. My least favorite is somewhere desolate or too cold to enjoy. So, basically dystopian worlds like Panem and Chicago a la Divergent.

Are you planning on traveling anywhere in 2014?
Well, I visit my family in San Antonio, which doubles as vacation. We probably won’t go anywhere else, but I’ll be traveling to LOTS of places in books.

Favorite book set in Europe? North America (East, West, North, South, Midwest - pick a book for each location in North America or just a couple that you like)? Other place?
Favorite book set in Europe – Die for Me by Amy Plum and mostly because of the vivid and lovely descriptions of Paris 

Favorite Book set in America – Oi vey, this is a hard one! Seriously, most of my favorite books are set in fantasy or outside of the states. However, I will go with a series that’s place had a big impact on me. I am not a person who loves snow, but when I read Unearthly by Cynthia Hand, I immediately wanted to move to Wyoming. I knew nothing of Wyoming before this book, but I now have vivid details about it. And of course, I can thank the Twilight series for my fascination with the Pacific Northwest.
Other – My other would be These Broken Stars by Meagan Spooner and Amie Kaufman. And it takes place in space and on another planet. Which I TOTALLY want to visit. Even if it will never happen.

If you were taking a road trip, what would be some of your must see tourist stops?

Okay so the ideal road trip would be from one end of the country to the other. Since I live in the middle this will be hard, but it’s my imaginary road trip, so let’s do it. I’d want to see the Pacific Coast, so I’d probably drive through the Southwestern states – see the part of Texas (west) I’ve never seen, including the art sculptures in the middle of nowhere. I’d like to see the mountains and desert, just to say I’ve been there. Once I got to Cali, I’d want to see the coast, the San Diego zoo, LaLa land, San Francisco, and northern California and the wine country. Then, I’d definitely trek up to Oregon/Washington and check out the scene in Seattle and Portland. I’d cross over into Canada, because I’ve never left the country and c’set la vie. I’d then go towards Wyoming and Montana, because Cynthia Hand made it sound amazing in the Unearthly series. I’d do Chicago again, because it’s been a long time and then down to Missouri, because I just love it there. Up then to NYC (maybe it would be while BEA is in town, because that would be just perfect). Then down to Florida to see that ocean with the perfect sand. A hop over to Disney World and then back through the southeastern states to Texas. Shew, I’m tired just thinking about it.

Favorite author? Where are they from?
Seriously, this question borderlines torture. I guess I’m going to take the easy way out and say JK Rowling, who is from the United Kingdom. Another place I’d love to live or visit.


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