Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Salt - Danielle Ellison

"I think I found the demon."
"The demon that-"
"Ours. Mine. The one that took my power."

Summary: Penelope is a witch whose parents were murdered by demons. But the demons also stole her magic and she will do anything to get it back.

When I saw this book up for grabs on NetGalley, I was like "hm, I'll request it just for the heck of it because that cover is really pretty." (Purple is my favorite color!) I first thought that Salt was just going to be really cheesy and lame and just another book trying to do witches and demons but I was pleasantly surprised! The demons were a little hokey sometimes but overall I thought the action was great and Penelope was so fun! And how Carter was brought into the story was perfect! I loved Carter and Penelope's bantering so much! If a book has a boy and a girl who just keep bantering and are sarcastic with each other all of the time then I love it! I felt like the amount of background information we received was just the right amount and the story wasn't dragged out or anything! There was also a little twist with Carter that I was really surprised I didn't figure out sooner! Overall Salt was a fun read and I am so excited that Ellison is writing more! I really can't wait for the next one!

Rating: 8/10


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