Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just One Year - Gayle Forman

“Love is not something you protect. It’s something you risk.” 

Summary: This is the companion novel to Just One Day. Told from Willem's POV, we find out what happened the year following his and Allyson's one day together.

I'm just going to start by saying that I really really did not like this book! When I finished the book, I gave it 3 out of 5 stars only because the ending saved it but now that I'm writing this review, I've knocked it down to 2 out of 5 stars. I skimmed a huge chunk of the book (the stuff that took place in India was just so boring in my opinion) and it's just really hard for me to read books that have a guy POV. I love Willem's thoughts because some of them are just so WOW but I couldn't really relate! I love love love Allyson and I could really relate to her and her story. Unlike other people, I was actually happy with the ending! I cried in the last few chapters and even though I knew how the book was going to end, I still found myself freaking out and worried that the ending was going to change! I'm really glad to be finished with this book and am excited to try Gayle's other books soon!

Rating: 5/10


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