Monday, October 14, 2013

The Moon and More - Sarah Dessen

"The thing is, you can't always have the best of everything. Because for life to be real, you need it all: good and bad, beach and concrete, the familiar and the unknown, big talkers and small towns."

Summary: Emaline has one last summer before she goes off to college. But the summer isn't what she thought it would be though when she is faced with tons of challenges - from a break-up, to the return of her absentee father, a summer fling, and more! During this one summer, Emaline will learn more about herself and the world around her, then she has her whole life.

Along For The Ride was my favorite Dessen book but it has officially moved to the number two spot after reading this one! I absolutely loved The Moon and More! Emaline was the perfect main character! I haven't read any fan reviews yet so I might be alone in this but I feel like everything she did was exactly how she should've done it. Usually when I read a book, I disagree with the route a character takes or something but I think in the end, the path she took was correct. I'm not even upset that she moved onto a summer fling literally after her three year relationship ended. I think she is a strong young woman and she learned SO MUCH. She's a changed person now and now she can go on this big journey and explore in college and learn even more about life and herself! One of my favorite things about the book was her relationships with Luke, Benji and her best friend Morris. I can't recall another book at the moment where I felt like the friendships were featured so prominently. Her friendships are what make her the person she is and I think she is a great friend as well! I just loved how thought provoking this book was (at least for me)! AND I am not sure if this has happened in other Dessen books....but the "Auden" featured in the book and Clyde himself, are the ones from Along For The Ride...right?! That's probably a stupid question but oh well!

Rating: 9/10


  1. I'm glad you seemed to have better luck with this book then I did. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get into it.

    1. Aw really?! Maybe you'll have to give it another shot sometime!