Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just One Year Read Along - Week 2

I'm not sure I'm digging this book. I love reading Willem's thoughts but this book doesn't have that it factor that Just One Day had. I think it's probably because this is from a guys POV and I usually don't like those. But here are my answers to the week two questions!

1. First off, how much did Willem’s time in Mexico KILL YOU? Have you ever had close run-in situations or actual run-in situations with someone you knew far away from home?
----------->I can't believe they were together at the same time and never saw each other! And even though I couldn't believe it, my only thought that was on repeat was that Willem tried harder then Allyson did - but Willem did have more information to go off of then Allyson. I have never had a situation like this happen to me before!

2. Kate told Willem, “Nothing happens without intention” and she also said, “This theory of yours — life is ruled by accident — isn’t that just one huge excuse for passivity?” Do you think she’s on to something there?
----------->I felt a definite reaction to everything that Kate was saying. I was like "Wow! She might be right!" Willem could very well just be using travel as an excuse to run away from everything but in a way, I think traveling and accidents is a part of him. He might not know who he is and he may feel lost but I still think it's HIM.

3. Marjolein said that Willem is like his mother after packing up his bags. He says that he’s not. Which do you think is more accurate knowing what we now know about his mom?
----------->I could not for the life of me remember who Marjolein is so I had to do some research on Google and realized it's because she was featured in the Week 1 section. I just re-read it but still don't necessarily see where Marjolein says this. But if I understand correctly, then I think they are both similar because they both run and want to stay from whatever hurts them. That's how I take it.

4. What do you think of Willem’s relationship with his mother? He feels like they’re not speaking the same language. Do you think that either one of them specifically are at fault?
----------->I think they could both be at fault. She left her son and ran away but he also ran away because he was pushed away. They definitely need to reconnect! I would love to see him have someone in his life that he can count on.

5. We learned a lot about Willem’s history in this section of chapters and we see how rapidly Willem’s life has changed in just the past few years. Even though he’s pretty much an adult at this point, why do you think the absence of his parents hit him so hard?
----------->I don't think it matters whether you're young or old. Your parents/family are what shape you and he has been shaped into someone who won't let someone in and would prefer to just up and leave girls or friends or whoever. He can't commit because his parents didn't commit.


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