Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gayle Forman Read Along - Week 4

This is the final week of Read Just One Day! I finished the book on Monday and if you follow me on Twitter then you know that I was bawling my eyes out. Just writing this blog post right now is making me want to cry because I'm still so emotional from this book! (You can read my full review of Just One Day right HERE) So, here are my answers for week four!

1. Why do you think Allyson was able travel to Paris alone, even without the “protection” of the faux identity, “Lulu”, or Willem? What is the significance of this accomplishment?
----------->I think Allyson was finally ready to take control of her life and had faith that everything would work out in some way or another. Even though she was still scared, she had to do this if she was ever going to move on and change. I have had similar moments like this where I just wake up and decide 'Such and such is not going to control my life anymore! I'm taking matters into my own hand!' I think everyone needs to have moments like that otherwise you aren't going to change and grow.

2. Did you ever fear throughout the trip that Allyson would revert to her earlier ways?
----------->OMG yes! I was so annoyed at even the slightest step she would start taking backwards. Thank goodness she told herself 'no way through it but through it.' She was very brave but sometimes I still wanted to smack her for not doing things a different way!

3. In what ways does Allyson’s second trip to Paris/Europe differ from her first?
----------->She lived! She talked to people! She explored and took chances and risks! What is life without a little risk every now and then?

4. Speculation: Who do you think the girl was with Willem? (Don’t spoil this if you have read Just One Year.)
----------->I am so nervous that it's a girlfriend because Allyson talked about how there was love there but I'm scared to go against the part of me that has hope still that just maybe it was just a friend or something and that Allyson and Willem might end up together. It's the hopeless romantic in me. I feel like the girlfriend side is winning though and it's really scary!

5. Final thoughts: What was going through your head when the door opened at the end of the book?
----------->I was bawling. I was feeling all kinds of different emotions and I am so frickin happy that he opened the door and it was really him this time! That means there's still a teeny tiny bit of hope which I'm trying to hang on to! These last chapters were some of the most intense reading I have ever experienced in my life! I thought I was a wreck reading Nicholas Sparks but this was even more emotional!

Thank you to Jenna for hosting this leg of the Gayle Forman read along! I love how it was broken up each week that way I didn't have to rush reading it! It might have ruined the book for me otherwise! I can't wait for the Just One Year Read Along that starts later this week and is being hosted by Brittany! Come join! :)


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