Monday, October 7, 2013

Gayle Forman Read Along - Week 2

So week 2 of the Just One Day Read Along was last week...I just finished the required reading yesterday morning so here are my responses to the week 2 questions. (I am hoping to start the week 3 reading tonight since it's due tomorrow...oops...)

1. Time seems to be a major topic in Just One Day, especially after we learn about the origin of Allyson’s watch, which was given to her by her parents. What do you think is the significance of Allyson’s watch? Does is represent who Allyson is as a person at this point in the story?
--------->I think the watch definitely defines who she is right now. She's the creation of her parents basically and she's been letting them control her life, much like a watch does. (I have more to say to this but I'm having a really hard time putting my thoughts into words right now)

2. Do you think Allyson reacted too quickly when she woke up and Willem wasn’t there?
--------->Yes. I don't think she should've had expectations. She shouldn't be relying on Willem, a stranger, to be there for her. I mean, she had sex with him! I think it's pretty obvious that he would up and leave her.

3. How would you have reacted if you woke up in a foreign country to find the person who brought you there suddenly gone?
--------->For starters, I plan on doing Europe by myself so at this moment in time I don't see myself having someone show me around. For the sake of this story, I would freak out but at the same time I would also feel like I was being stupid. Reading the book, knowing it's fiction, I don't think I would worry that something happened to the other person. I would like to think that I would just move on and get back to my safe zone (in this case, London).

4. Everyone seems to know what they want for Allyson. Do you see any similarity in the way Allyson handles conflict with her parents and with Melanie?
--------->Allyson lets everyone walk all over her. She is a major pushover! It's so annoying! With Mel, I think Allyson needs to realize that they are going down different paths. She needs to find someone she can relate to because it's not going to be Mel anymore. At least when they were in Mexico, Allyson got to go to a new place (even though it didn't work out) and at least she finally changed her class schedule. I feel like Allyson should have an easier time speaking up to Mel then her parents but so far nothing. She's probably just going to let it slide.

5. How do you feel about the direction Allyson’s life is going during her first few months in college? Do you find yourself sympathizing with her, or do you want to shake her in order to help her wake up?
--------->I don't sympathize with her at all! She needs to forget Willem and MOVE ON. Oh my gosh, it is so frustrating! She needs to start taking control of her own life! And can we discuss how annoying it is that she chose a Shakespeare class?! I wanted to smack her!
Note: My answers are a little off and probably don't exactly answer the questions but I can't get my thoughts out and Allyson is honestly just annoying me so much right now that I just can't.


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