Friday, September 6, 2013

Let's Speculate!

Let's Speculate is something that Kelly at Effortlessly Reading does. She comes up with a topic that gets us book bloggers talking. This is my first one and this week the question was:

Do you read the Acknowledgements page?

To me, everything but the actual story itself is boring. I do read the dedication page because I like to see who was important enough to the author to be mentioned at the front and who possibly inspired the author or story. The acknowledgements page however, is much like a CD packet where it lists companies and just random names - none of who I know. I know I don't know the person mentioned in the dedication but that one touches my heart more. The AP is so much more formal and business like. I occasionally will skim it though and it's cool to see if other authors I know are mentioned. I like that authors help each other. Another exception is Nicholas Spark's AP's because his books are usually turned into movies, so I like to see if he thanks the cast or crew. Which he usually does!

Tell me: Do you read the Acknowledgements page?


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