Saturday, June 15, 2013

From The Shelves

Today is From The Shelves Saturday (hosted by Blog of Erised) and what you do is pick a book that you read before you started your blog and write a review about it. For my first post, I am going to review:

Private series by Kate Brian

"Thomas was gone."

Summary: These books follow Reed Brennan as she starts school at Easton Academy and discovers the Billings Girls - Noelle, Ariana, Kiran, and Taylor. Reed soon finds herself wanting to be a part of their life which sets her on a path full of romance, mysteries, and murder.

This is my favorite series of all time! Kate Brian is a genius and one of my favorite authors ever. I discovered these books once the first four or five had already been out and got hooked the second I started reading. For starters, I love anything that takes place at some prestigious school with rich people and then there's the fact that these books are part romance and part thriller. I would read each new book in the series in one day. I just couldn't stop once I started, they're page turners that always leave you with cliffhangers! I recommend these books to everyone!

Rating: 10/10

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  1. Never heard about the series. I will have to look the books up! There's so many!