Saturday, June 15, 2013

Forbidden Boy - Hailey Abbott

"If he's your Prince Charming, he'll find his way back. He has to, actually. I think it's in the job description."

Summary: Julianne and Remi meet at a bonfire and instantly feel a connection. He gets her and her art like no one else. But Julianne soon finds out that he is the son of her new neighbors the Moore's who are set on taking over the whole beach just to build their dream mansion. So a relationship between them can't possibly work, right?

Compared to Abbott's other books, I felt like this one was a step back. For being published more recently, the writing wasn't up to par with some of her other books. Julianne really kind of annoyed me. I understood where she was coming from about not dating Remi when his parents are trying to force her family to give up their house but I felt like she could've handled everything differently. She would tell Remi "No we can't be together," and then turn around and still be with him! I did like Remi (aka Remington which FYI is the second Remi I've come across in books and I'm really starting to dig guys who have this name!), and I liked the relationship J has with her sister Chloe. I wish we got to see J actually hang out with her friends though and have time with other people in her life. Then of course there was Abbott's pretty descriptions again: "The reflection of the moon was tossed off the waves, like someone had drizzled the water with liquid gold."

Rating: 6/10


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