Thursday, August 21, 2014

Taste Test - Kelly Fiore

Summary from Goodreads:

If you can grill it, smoke it, or fry it, Nora Henderson knows all about it. She’s been basting baby back ribs and pulling pork at her father’s barbeque joint since she was tall enough to reach the counter. When she’s accepted to Taste Test, a reality-television teen cooking competition, Nora can’t wait to leave her humble hometown behind, even if it means saying good-bye to her dad and her best friend, Billy. Once she’s on set, run-ins with her high-society roommate and the maddeningly handsome—not to mention talented—son of a famous chef, Christian Van Lorten, mean Nora must work even harder to prove herself. But as mysterious accidents plague the kitchen arena, protecting her heart from one annoyingly charming fellow contestant in particular becomes the least of her concerns. Someone is conducting real-life eliminations, and if Nora doesn’t figure out who, she could be next to get chopped for good.
I found Taste Test at the library and alls I got from the summary was "Oooh a boy and a girl meet on a cooking competition reality show?! YES. PLEASE." I was pleasantly surprised by this book and so glad that I found it out of the blue! Some of the reviews haven't been good for it and I don't think it's the strongest book but I don't see too much wrong with it. I do wish we got more of the cooking competitions and more build up and information with Nora and Christian but the amount we were given was good. Christian is pretty dang hot... :) And I think it would be fun if the author wrote a companion novel or a short novella so we can see what goes on after the end! There is more to the story then a boy and a girl meet - strange occurrences happening and contestants getting... eliminated! Dun dun dun. It's good! Doesn't hurt to try this one out just for a fluff read!

Rating: 8/10


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