Monday, April 28, 2014

Make it a Movie Monday! (Hosted by JennaDoesBooks)

Make it a Movie Monday is weekly meme hosted by Jenna Does Books! What you do is take any book from the past, present or future and make it into a movie by answering the following questions:
Who would direct the movie?
Who would the lead actors be and who would they play?
What would be changed from the book, or what would not be changed?
What would make this book a particularly good movie?
Giveaway an item tied into the book.

Or you can pick a book that has already been turned into a movie and do any of the following: 
Showcase movie trailers, filming details or actors.
Review the movie!
Provide trivia or other informational bru-haha.
List differences between book and movie.
Interview an author or film industry rep.
Giveaway an item tied into the book or movie.

The Movie:

Ten Things We Did
(and probably shouldn’t have)

(You can check out the synopsis and my review of this book HERE)

Betty Thomas (directed John Tucker Must Die)


Maia Mitchell
David Lambert

 (They already work together on ABC Family's "The Fosters")

Jamie Chung

Drew Van Acker


Debby Ryan
Beau Mirchoff


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