Thursday, January 9, 2014

Uncommon Criminals (Heist Society Book 2) - Ally Carter

“Oh you’re heist-drunk Kitty Kat. And you have been since the Henley.”

Summary: After the big heist at the Henley, Katarina Bishop gets roped up in one of the biggest heists' of her life - stealing Cleopatra's Emerald. But this isn't just any's cursed!

I got this book on audiobook like I did with the first Heist Society book and it was sooo good! I couldn't believe how much better it was then the first one! This one immediately started off with lots of heists and action which really helped and I didn't have to listen to tons of introduction information. I didn't read the synopsis before hand so once I heard that they were stealing Cleopatra's Emerald, I was immediately hooked! Since the emerald is cursed, it creates a lot of problems and a funny moment for Gabrielle when she got cursed! She actually slipped and fell and everyone was in shock haha! There was a particularly huge moment in the book and I was standing at one of my bus stops listening when it took place and I almost screamed and yelled out "SHUT UP I KNEW IT!!!" I was just in heaven with this book! The locations were so fun (Monaco!) and I looooooved Kat and Hale in this one! We got so much of them this time! Hale definitely became swoon worthy in this one! In regards to audiobooks, it's really hard for me to picture what the characters look like sometimes and I easily get distracted since I only listen to audiobooks when I'm taking the bus to work. It's hard not being able to flip to different pages in the book but what I love is that this book series feels really comforting and relaxes me! I'm so bummed that the third book isn't in audiobook format so I'm not sure when I'll read it. I almost don't even want to read it because the ending to this one was perfect!

Rating: 8.5/10


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