Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (My Resolutions)

Hosted by Broke and Bookish, this weeks topic is...
Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014

1. Read 100 books
2. Be more active on Twitter
3. Meet more book bloggers
4. Comment on other book blogs
5. Do my first giveaway
6. Get my new feature idea up and running!
7. Get more followers on my blog by coming up with creative and fresh ideas!
8. To get better at review writing because I am an awful writer and have a hard time putting my thoughts down in writing!

*Not Bookish*
1. TRAVEL (preferably Europe)
2. Get a job in the hotel industry so I can start working towards my career
3. Go back to Park City, UT (to either live in again or just visit my friends)
4. Exercise and eat healthy on a regular basis! (My rule this year is if I don't exercise at least once during the day then I don't get to read for that day!)
5. Worry less, be more social and adventurous, and to be happy!

I'm sure there are a lot more that I want to do in regards to the bookish ones but my mind is kind of drawing a blank at the moment! I'm also sure that this list will change throughout the year but I hope to accomplish these things!


  1. You've got fantastic bookish goals this year, Michelle!! I hope we are both able to get our features up soon. It just sounds like so much fun! And something different than reviews. Yay!

    I am now very curious what career you are working towards that would start by working in the hotel industry! Color me intrigued! And I love your exercise goal - reading as a reward? That could totally work. I might have to steal that tactic, lol!

    1. I just want to either own my own hotel or just become a general manager of one I really love! I love anything involving travel and I think hotels are so much fun and you get to meet so many people!

  2. Awesome resolutions. I love twitter so I definitely encourage you to be more active, its fun getting to talk with fellow bloggers and authors!

    Here's Our TTT
    Doris OABR

  3. I have the goal to read 100 books too. I just barely read 100 books this year and sorta cheated with novellas =) I think it'll be easier to reach my goal this year since it'll be my first full year of blogging. Good luck with all of your resolutions!
    Our TTT

    1. Same here, it'll be my first full year! Good luck to you!

  4. Park City is beautiful -- I can totally see why you want to go back. Brrrr, though.

    Good luck on all those resoluations. Happy New Year!

  5. I love your bookish goals! I'm also going to be working on using Twitter more, and on coming up with some kind of feature for my fledgling blog. I'm wishing good luck for the both of us!

  6. I'm trying to read 100 books too! Goodluck to both of us then ;)

    -Kimi of Geeky Chiquitas