Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just One Year Read Along - Week 3

Maybe I just wasn't in the right mind set to be reading this week's chapters because I found Just One Year to be soooo boring! I really can't wait to finish it at this point. The book has been taking place in India and I have a hard time being interested when I have no interest in India or ever going there. I'm more of a Europe girl. Plus, I'm just learning more and more that I'm right when I say I can't do books from guys' POV's. Here are my answers (half of which probably don't even make sense):

1. How did you feel about Willem’s time in India? Besides his mother, what do you think he found 
from his time there?
-------->Like I said above, I didn't really enjoy reading this section so I have to go back through the book and look now...Ok so there's this mantra that his mom told him that means new beginnings and I think Willem learned that he can have new beginnings even if it's hard leaving something behind. Like with his mom, I think they have a new beginning now and will have a better relationship.

2. Prateek told Willem, “To dream is the ultimate dare.” What do you think he means by that? 
-------->I love this quote and I think it's very true. It's risky having dreams and you may not get everything you dream but that's part of the dare (and the risk). I think it's part of living to dream and take risks.

3. Do you have hopes for Willem and his mother? Do you think they’ve mended their relationship? 
-------->I do have hopes for him and his mom and for a brief instant I started thinking that maybe the girl with Willem at the end of Just One Day is going to be his mom but I've already pushed that thought away. I don't think it's correct :) And I also liked how Willem finally told his mom about Allyson :)

4. We finally find out how Bram died. How do you think that affected Willem’s theory of fate and accidents? 
-------->With Bram, I think it made Willem realize that fate is cruel because Bram's sickness was a one in a million thing and maybe Willem has been letting accidents happen and whatnot so that he doesn't get attached and maybe he's playing fate a bit to see if anything will get taken from him. And Allyson did get taken from him.

5. Why do you think that just one day with Allyson awoke so many feelings in Willem?
-------->I think it awoke so many feelings because it obviously was like his parents relationship. I think he didn't realize fully realize what he had until she was gone and now that's one accident he shouldn't have let get away. You have to take these good things coming to you when you have them.

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  1. I'm so sorry you're not enjoying it! The India chapters were kind of hard for me too... I don't know anything about it but I tried to stick with it haha :)