Monday, October 21, 2013

Just One Year Read Along!

I am soooo excited to participate in the Just One Year Read Along! I just did the Just One Day read along and am glad that this one is happening right now because I really need to know who the mystery girl in Just One Day is! This round of the Gayle Forman Read Along is being hosted by Brittany from The Book Addict's Guide! Here is the schedule:

October 18th: Questions week 1 (Ch 1-12) Now!

October 23rd: Answers week 1 (Ch 1 – 12), week 2 questions (Ch 13 – 21)

October 30th: Answers week 2 (Ch 13 – 21), week 3 questions (Ch 21 – 32)

November 6th: Answers week 3 (Ch 21 – 32), week 4 questions (Ch 33 – end)

November 13th: Answers week 4 (Ch 33 – end), wrap-up & giveaway winner announced!

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  1. Thank you so much for joining in the read along!! Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your answers! :)