Friday, October 4, 2013

Horror Movies Galore!

Hello everyone! I finally had a day off yesterday so I started working on some blog posts for Literary Excursion's Horror October. To get this started, today's post is going to be all about some of my favorite horror (I use this term loosely) movies! Check them out below :)

1. Scream: This one is a classic! I always find this one to be really scary and the mask terrifies me!
2. Nightmare on Elm Street: I don't remember what the old ones were like but the remake with is so good and scary!
3. Paranormal Activity: This movie scared me so bad that I almost cried!
4. The Ring: Naomi Watts rocks in this movie! I just re-watched it recently and this time I forced myself to look at Amber Tamblyn's deformed face (you know when she's in the closet...).
5. The Uninvited: I love love love Emily Browning and she was so good in this! The twist really scared me!
6. The Pact: I went to the premiere of this movie at the Sundance Film Festival when I was living in Utah! The horror movies usually get premiered at midnight for their "Sundance After Dark" series and I remember being absolutely terrified sitting up in the dark balcony watching this!

7. Final Destination: I honestly have no idea why this movie scared me when I first saw it but it did and it's this movie that made my mom find out I had been scary, R-rated movies in secret. I just love the concept of this. To me, it's really original! The third one is this series is also really good, too!
8. High Tension: This is a French movie and it is soooo scary!!
9. The Hills Have Eyes: I love this movie! I wish they didn't make anymore after it though! The song that plays in it, California Dreamin', by the Mamas & the Papas makes this movie even more terrifying!
10. House at the End of the Street: I'm not a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence but I really like this movie! Max Thieriot is awesome in this and the twist was really shocking when I first saw it!
11. I Know What You Did Last Summer: Another classic! I love having all of these 90s stars in one movie together!
12. Jeepers Creepers: I remember when this movie came out and everyone in my class would sing the song 'Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those peepers...' Love it.

13. House of Wax: Three words: CHAD. MICHAEL. MURRAY.
14. Prom Night: Brittany Snow is basically my favorite person in the entire world and I love anything she does. Plus this movie makes me pretty jumpy.
15. Would You Rather: This one isn't a horror movie, it's more psychological I guess with some blood and guts thrown in. This one also has Brittany Snow. I don't think the movie was the greatest at all but psychologically, it was pretty crazy to see what people would do for money.
16. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: I loveeee this movie! This is the Jessica Biel one and it's just so good!
17. The Shining: When I first saw this movie I absolutely hated it! I gave it another chance though and now I really like it! I don't understand this movie AT ALL but it's still scary!
18. The Strangers: This movie was just so scary to me when I first saw it. Now, not so much but the killers in their creepy masks are frightening.
19. When A Stranger Calls: Camilla Belle is my second favorite person in the world and I will pretty much see anything she does. I just love the whole scare factor of the babysitter getting creepy phone calls from a killer inside the house. I saw this one opening night in theaters with a huge audience and it was so funny! Some guy yelled out, 'This is so stupid!'
20. Vacancy: Another movie where people are being watched. Love it.
21. Urban Legend: Alright, last movie on this very long list :) I just think of this one as a classic as well. I love urban legends and any creepy stories and I thought this one was good!

Tell me: Do you watch scary movies? Have you watched any of these?


  1. I love Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer:! I never found them scary though...I've only seen the Japanese The Ring but THAT scared me witless. And I didn't really like The Shining either, but it was definitely scary.

    Hm, I don't remember watching Final Destination, but it sounds like something I'd enjoy so I think I'll check it out. Thanks for the rec! :)

    1. Maybe I'll try the Japanese version sometime! It could be even scarier!

  2. I've only seen 9 of these movies you listed. I've become a little bit of a wimp with scary movies in recent years (since becoming a mom!) I know I'll never watch The Ring again...that was a bad one for me. And Paranormal Activity freaked me out sooo bad! But I loved I Know You What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legend