Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gayle Forman Read Along - Week 3

I actually did the reading for week 3 (yay!), so here are my answers to the questions :)

1. What is your opinion? Do you think signing up for the Shakespeare class is progress for Allyson, or regression – since it may not necessarily help her to move on from “that one day”?
------------>At first I thought it was a really, really bad idea! I do still think it wasn't the best decision, but overall, I'm glad she took the class! She met Dee who is awesome! And she's good at Shakespeare! I do wish she would've read Twelfth Night though because I think that would have been progress for her!

2. Ah, Dee… Share your input on this unique character. How is he similar/dissimilar from Willem?
------------>I think he is so different from Willem! I absolutely ADORE Dee! I cried when Dee's mom told Allyson how much she's helped him! He is so unique and I think he knows who he is! I think Dee forces Allyson to look at things even more differently then Willem did.

3. Why do you think it was easier for Allyson to make friends with Dee than it was for her to make friends with her roommates?
------------>I don't really think it was easier for her to make friends with Dee. It still took a lot of time. I think it took her being snappy and feeling bad about being mean (plus reading as Rosalind) to change the way she needed to do this friend thing. I am so glad Dee and her are friends now!

4. What do you think it was about Allyson’s class performance of Rosalind from As You Like It that caused Dee to approach Allyson and forgive her?
------------>I think he probably saw that there was something going on underneath that showed Dee that she's having a hard time and could really use a friend. I think he saw a part of the real her which could be why he approached her, too. Dee also didn't have anyone in high school and he might've seen a bit of himself in her as well.

5. By beginning her search for Willem, in what ways did you see Allyson growing as an individual? What life-lessons was she acquiring?
------------>I've said this before, but I can't get over how much I relate to Allyson. It's really unbelievable to me! I actually love that she's searching for Willem. I feel like I've definitely done the same thing to some extent and even if she doesn't find him, she is going to find herself. I think she will learn to accept herself and be more brave! I think she's starting to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and her world isn't going to be dark forever. (That's not exactly life lessons per se but oh well)


  1. Your answers are BRILLIANT! And I also think that learning to "be brave" is DEFINITELY a good life lesson. Having hope and learning to see the light at the end of the tunnel are also very important. I can't help but think that you saw things much more clearly while reading than even I did. ;)

    Thanks for posting this!

    1. Haha thats really nice of you to say! I've been having such a hard time getting my thoughts out and I feel like I get Allyson and the book so much. I've pretty much been going through what she is for the last couple of years!

  2. I absolutely love Dee and the friendship that he and Allyson formed! I think it was a friendship that she allowed in because it wasn't an obvious one. It wasn't being forced on her (besides having to partner with someone for class) and I honestly think she could totally NOT relate to him and avoid more human contact. Instead, they really ended up connecting and I was SO glad for it!
    Great answers!!!

    1. That's really interesting about it not being an obvious one! Totally makes sense! But at the same time I don't know if I see it that way because it doesn't seem like Mel was forced on her...