Saturday, October 19, 2013

From The Shelves

"The thing I've found about exciting is that it's like fireworks. A big burst of color. It takes your breath away, and then nothing. But something that's always there, while it may not be as exciting, like the stars in the sky, they can still steal your breath."

Summary: Alyssa's ex boyfriend has gone off to Australia for winter break and sends back a hot Australian in his place named Jude. Part of swapping places is having a couch to crash on (which Jude doesn't). So what does Alyssa do? Let him crash on hers of course. With the beautiful Vermont winter as the backdrop, anything can happen - even falling in love.

I remember reading this book forever ago and for the longest time I couldn't remember what it was called which made me sad because I really wanted to re-read it. Then, thanks to Goodreads, I found the book and was lucky enough that my library had a copy! I just finished re-reading it literally this morning and I still love it as much as I did the first time. Some things did bother me this time around though (like Jude and Alyssa getting lost and stranded and the insta-love) but I still loved it. I love winter themed books just as much as I love summer themed books and the winter makes everything so much more romantic! Plus, Jude is Australian and he's so sweet and thoughtful and he plays the drums! So the good totally trumps my little issues. I love Rachel Hawthorne's books. They are perfect if you want to read something cute and fluffy!

Rating: 9/10

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  1. I never heard about the book but the cover is so cute :D I should really get into the genre, I never read many chick-lit novels :)
    Glad you found you still love the book like the first time around :D