Friday, July 26, 2013

The Vincent Boys - Abbi Glines

"The heart wants who the heart wants. We can't help that."

Summary: Ashton has been best friends with cousins Beau and Sawyer for years. Once she started dating Sawyer, her friendship with Beau became nonexistent. When Sawyer goes away for the Summer, Ashton and Beau rekindle their relationship. It's a Summer of secrets and love in this book.

THIS. BOOK. WOW. Beau and Ashton are hot hot hot - and I didn't even read the extended edition! Move over Daemon Black and welcome Beau Vincent! Beau may be seen as a bad boy but he really isn't. I loved that the book is in dual POVs. Seeing what Beau has to say about Ashton is how any guy should feel about a girl they really love. The book kind of gives me hope that if someone like Beau can fall in love then guys' in real life can, too! I would love to have the love that Beau and Ashton feel for each other! While they shouldn't have gone behind Sawyer's back, I feel like it was okay that they did for this story. In real life, I would never approve of this but when I read how they feel about each other, I couldn't help but support the secrets. I HATE SAWYER. I tried to like him but I just I couldn't. He was a decent guy until she started getting bullied at school and didn't stand up for her. I don't care how angry he was that he lost his girl, bullying is NEVER okay and it was really hard for me to read. I know there's a second book to this but at this moment I don't think I can read it because of my hatred for Sawyer.

Rating: 8.5/10


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