Sunday, June 9, 2013

Decked With Holly - Marni Bates
Nick: "I'm an excellent actor." And to prove my point I looked right into her eyes and said seriously, "Holly, I've been crazy about you ever since I saw you at dinner, looking all windblown and tousled. You stole my breath away."
Holly: "Oh," she said. "But I thought you-"
Nick: "And...scene."

Summary: Holly is on a cruise to Mexico with her grandpa and the rest of her terrible family. One night Holly is faced with major seasickness and enters a random bathroom of one of the guests staying on the cruise. The room she stumbles upon doesn't belong to just anyone though, it belongs to a famous rock star! Rumors begin when a group of teenage girls bombard his room. To stop any possible scandals, Dominic convinces Holly to be his fake girlfriend for the next two weeks. What could possibly go wrong?

This book was SO cute! I was just melting while reading it. Holly and Dominic's banter made me want to squeal with delight. I wish Dominic was real...I mean technically any rockstar could be him really. My favorite part was everything that he planned for Holly's birthday. I WAS DYING. I even got emotional over a present that he gave her. What I liked about this book was that it was told in alternating POV's - one chapter would be from Holly, the next from Dominic. I really enjoyed reading what Dominic had to say. I feel like you don't get to see a guy develop a crush as much as you do for a girl.

Rating: 8/10


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